Our purpose

We believe in the preservation of traditional knowledge to enhance cultural diversity.

We believe that through their trades, artisans perpetuate history, tradition and often even a part of the cultural identity of a village, region or country. Through their ability to preserve an intangible heritage, artisans are vital contributors to promoting and safeguarding identitarian forms of knowledge that contribute to cultural outreach in a globalized world.

The loss of traditional know-how undermines a cultural heritage.

We believe in a pattern of consumption with a human dimension.

Artisans everywhere are vulnerable, even threatened by large-scale industrial production. Artisans offer production that is local, close at hand and of unique quality to meet the needs of consumers fully aware of the impacts of their choices. These consumers seek an identity, which explains why they are prepared to pay more.

The artisans show innovation and initiative in their contemporary production and it is important to heighten the public’s awareness of the interest in diversifying consumer choices.

We believe that local entrepreneurship benefits communities.

Artisans are real generators of wealth who contribute to the vitality of the communities where they are located. They are dynamic regional contributors because they create direct and indirect jobs, buy locally and invest regularly in their infrastructures and equipment. Artisans represent a veritable hotbed of entrepreneurs. Inspiring role models of entrepreneurship in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere all began as artisans.

For the ESN, nurturing the passion of its members allows the network to accompany and direct the artisans along the difficult path to entrepreneurship and contributes to the breakthrough of potentially great economic success stories.

We believe that cultural tourism is the best way to showcase artisans.

Developing a differential heritage, offering a different pattern of consumption and inspiring entrepreneurship take place through direct contact between the population and the artisans. The ÉCONOMUSÉE® concept is part of a dynamic agrotourism and experiential cultural tourism approach that allows people to:

  • Meet artisan entrepreneurs who welcome visitors to premises where artistic creation and production take place
  • Get to know, exchange and share with artisans the craft they exercise with passion
  • Discover production models based on tradition and products carefully crafted on the premises
  • Admire excellence, savour for the pleasure of the senses and live moments of emotion
  • Participate in an interactive and authentic cultural experience
  • Stand out from the competition