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Yves Marcoux

Cider making ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Orchard in the cellar, you will know everything from fruit harvesting to manufacturing of various products. Follow the history of apples. How they crossed the ocean to time and end up on the shores of the St. Lawrence.

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Cheese making ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The dairy provides a unique opportunity, every day before 11:00 a.m. to watch a demonstration of the rudiments of cheese processing and aging. Stop by the sales counter where you can not only admire old pieces of dairy equipment, but also sample the économusée’s delectable products.

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Paper making ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Papeterie Saint-Gilles Paper Making ÉCONOMUSÉE® is an enchanting and unique site. In 1992, the Papeterie was nominated the first Economuseum in today’s network. Visit the workshop where artisans produce paper using 17th-century techniques.

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