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Cecile Benoît

Wood sculpture ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Live a fascinating experience at this économusée, which interprets traditional Quebec legends through the medium of wood sculpture.

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Liqueur making ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Located near the bridge to the mainland, Cassis Monna & filles grows its own blackcurrants to make its internationally-renowned wines and liqueur.

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Since 1667 until today, the 12th generation Langlois offer vegetables and fruits glued to great culinary trends. Top quality and full of flavor, they are fresh daily and proudly hand picked.

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Blacksmithing ÉCONOMUSÉE®

The Forge à Pique-Assaut Blacksmithing Economuseum houses both a workshop and a boutique under the same roof. For many years now, in Saint-Laurent on Orléans Island, visitors to the blacksmith shop have been fascinated by the fire in the forge and the sound of the hammer striking the anvil, again and again.

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Glass working ÉCONOMUSÉE®

Visit the ÉCONOMUSÉE® and discover the fascinating history of stained glass through the ages while observing the artisans at work. At this workshop, the artisans master the Tiffany and lead came techniques. Classes are also given.

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